Client servicing is an integral part of our operation at AMC we take our clients as partners and no efforts are spared by everyone at the company to make the clients’ experience with us an exceptional one.
As part of our servicing strategy we offer the following benefits.

  • Storage:
  • Clients are able to place their yearly requirements orders in advance without having to worry about where the products are to be stored until they are needed to be utilized. We at AMC offer the storage solutions allowing us to stock up on clients' fininshed products, as per a pre agreed upon shipping schedule.
  • Financing:
  • Easy and flexible payment terms are offered to clients allowing them to manage their cash flow, while ensuring that they are able to get the packaging products on time.
  • Availability & Reliability:
  • We have been successful in ensuring that we are very responsive to our clients’ demands, as we treat them as partners. We have become known to deliver under unusual client circumstances, at the same high quality level that we provide.
  • Technical Support:
  • Our technical department now has a team of the finest engineers who are able to resolve any technical challenges regardless of size, location or complexity.
  • Complete solutions:
  • We at AMC strive to become your one stop shop for all your pharmaceutical packaging needs, therefore we are able to work closely with clients to understand their packaging needs in order to come back to them with a full packaging solution that not only meets their requirements but moreover is cost efficient and in line with the clients’ expectations.
  • Full Technical documentation files are provided to our clients to include:

1.Product Specs
2.Material Certificates
3.Product Drawings
4.Facility Layout

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